Indian Mynah



Indian Mynah would very much like to introduce you to their stuff, and trust me you should accept the invite because, this is high quality stuff. It’s a cliché that good music is timeless, and It’ll take some time before we know if Indian Mynah qualify, but you just know when you listen to the four songs on this their “welcome” CD that we’re in that sort of territory.

So what’s it all about? It’s big guitars, rich arrangements, ten tonne drum power and the wonderful voice of Heath Collins who is possessed of a hugely impassioned delivery hinting at bands like The Walkmen, and more retrospectively, the brilliance of post-70s-punk acts, chiefly The Gang Of Four. A desperate roof-lifting emotional kick in the face.

It’s an all round stadium-sized sound with no flab. Thick and insistent sweet guitar interplay. Sonic Youth meets Fugazi.

But enough with the comparisons already. The members of Indian Mynah have been in stacks of bands, each member has done plenty of touring nationally and internationally. This is the work of four guys who have come together with a total understanding of what music they’ll set out to write, how to imagine and arrange it, and, most importantly, how to execute it perfectly.

Recorded at Debasement studios in Melbourne and mixed entirely by bass player Jimi Richardson, the songs then headed off to the States where living legend Bob Weston, (of Shellac and Mission Of Burma) mastered the tunes into the gutsy EP you have before you.

This is just the first knock on the door by the band, but soon enough Indian Mynah will be crashing through.

Michael Witheford