About High Kick Records

High Kick Records was founded in 2009 by Melbourne based rock and roll enthusiast Jonathon Walker. The label was set up with the intention of getting new Australian rock bands international releases for their music as well as setting up digital distribution for great albums from the past few decades that never saw the light of day outside of Australia. The sad truth about rock and roll music is that some of the best bands and albums never really gain the exposure they deserve due to the lack of commercial appeal they have in the eyes of the mediocrity based ‘rock by numbers’ music industry. An industry that gives acts such as Coldplay and Nickleback the title of ‘rock and roll’ when in reality there isn’t a single rock and roll bone in their entire bodies.

“All over the world there are real bands making great sounding albums for next to no budget in their limited spare time. They do it for free, they do it better than many acclaimed artists and their albums struggle to reach an audience outside of their own cities. It is one thing to make a great record and another thing entirely to make people aware of it.” Says Jonathon. “That’s where we come in.”

High Kick Records is working to spread Australian rock and roll music, past and present, across borders and into the ears of listeners that have never before been able to experience the sound of the new Australian underground. Alternatively they are also sourcing some of their favourite rock albums from other countries and giving them local releases in Australia.

Melbourne rock acts The Devilrock Four, Indian Mynah, The Lightning Strikes, Perth all girl outfit The Sure-Fire Midnights, Tasmanians Mustang and Geelong band Warped were amongst the first artists to be released through High Kick Records and there is a whole bunch of new acts/releases on the horizon.

Having recently combined forces with German company Indevent Management to set up a European office for High Kick Records, it is now going to be easier to bridge the divide between Australian and European rock and roll and help give the bands and their music the exposure they deserve.

Basically we just want good records to be heard. Past and present. Instead of being limited to the loyal but limited fan bases that many bands have. If this is a concept you are down with, contact us. We’ll be here.



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